Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Do you know Link Building is an important task of SEO? And Google says that links are one of the main SEO factors.
But When I asked my fellow blogger friends about link building, They say It is dead.
What do you think, Link building is dead.
Offcourse Not!
This is a myth and there are too many myths of link building like this.
Overview:- In this post, I am going to explain some crazy myths about link building, After reading this post you will be more clear about link building.

Don't Link Low Domain Authority Site:

You may be heard from most of the blogger that don't link low DA sites, it is bad for your link profile. Actually, they may be right from their point of view.
Let first understand DA. It is an advanced metric developed by MOZ to predict, How well a website will rank on SERP. It doesn't explain whether the site is Good or Bad. for example A new website which has a low DA but the website has published few high-quality content, linking to the site is a bad practice, No No. It will not affect your link profile.

Keywords Rich Anchor Text:

Achor text effect SEO but it does not affect the link quality. People say Keywords contain anchor text increase the quality of the link, I have seen people add brand name or keywords while adding links in comments. It doesn't true.
If your most of links are keywords rich or contain brand name then it probably an open invitation to Google to look closely your website.

Multiple Links from the Same Site is Useless:

It is good to have a list of website linking to you but It will be not right to say that multiple links from one site are bad for your SEO health.
If you are not doing any black hat or gray hat link building techniques like Reciprocal links then these links are good for you, don't scared.

Don't Link Too Many Sites:

I know people who don't link to other sites or add No-Follow attributes while linking to other sites, Do you know why? because of the fear of losing Link Juice or Page Rank.
What? It sucks.
It probably right that your page rank will distribute to the linked site but it does not decrease your PR. Linking to other sites will help Google to understand your web content and Big G also thinks that your website want to provide valuable information to their visitors and this will improve the authority of your site.

Links with no follow tag

Don't Get Links From Web Directories And Forum:

If you also think that Web Directories and Forum are bad places to get links then you are missing lots of opportunities to get links. Web Directory submission is one of the good link building techniques. But there is some condition to choosing right web directories.
For example The directory, you chose, should not be SEO focused, Paid or not relevant to your site. So think before submitting your site on any Web directory or forum.

Never Ask For Links:

If you are thinking that you will penalize if you ask for a link so let me clear there is no penalty for asking a link.
For example- If a person written about you but not link to you, so asking him for a link is bad practice.
No, it is not.
It is one the major techniques to get links, If your content gives value to other's content, Don't feel bad about asking for a link. But don't force anyone to link you.

No-Follow Links Are Useless:

At the very beginning of my Blogging and SEO carrier, I also thought that No-Follow links are worthless, or no use of it. but it was my big misconception.
After auditing and backlinks analysis of sites, I come to know that No-Follow links are not worthless. I noticed that majority of backlinks are no-follow but they are ranking in SERP. Whether it will not distribute the page rank but it supports your website.
You should prioritize these links as the second option of your link building strategies.

Conclusion: People has scared to linking other sites because of these crazy myths. I think this post will help you to better understand link building.
And finally, If I missed something to mention let me know in the comment section, Share this post with your blogger friends so they can also aware of these misconceptions.
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Friday, 19 January 2018

how to write Meta Description in 2018
Meta Description is one of the major terms of SEO. But lots of SEOs also says that meta description is dead. it is an old-school SEO.
However, I think, If it displays in SERP it should have some value. It is not helping Google to understand the content but it helps users to predict the content. It is an important factor for CTR.

Overview:- In this post, I am going to cover a major Google Snippet Update and how to write a perfectly optimized Meta description.
So any further delay lets' jump into it.

What is Meta Description

A meta description is an HTML Element which gives a summary or description of a web page. It is visible in SERP after the blue link.
it is very important to add meta snippet, however, sometimes Google auto-generate summary for your web page.
For example:- Wikipedia
Wikipedia never adds meta description tag on the web page but it ranks very well in SERP. this is also a reason why SEOs say meta description is dead.

Google Snippet Update

Google Snippet Update moz

In the last few year, Google only shows tiny Search Snippet, which was around 155-200 Characters but the end of Nov 2017 Google rolls out a new update which confirmed as Google Snippet Update. Now, length of description was increased to 230 characters reported by Rankranger but at the middle of Dec 2017, Google was showing 300-350 characters in search description. It was a massive improvement in Google search description in last few years.

data of snippet in 2018
Img Source Moz

According to research by Moz, A 320-350 characters snippet works very well. they find a sweet spot between 309-317 characters. and the sites which have meta description between 100-200 words, have dropped the rank in SERP.
Apart from website description, Now Google shows first two lines of Youtube video description. Video description is cut off in under 100-120 words by adding an ellipsis (...). it is also an important thing to notice for Youtubers.

lets back to the point, actually, this update is beneficial for web maker and blogger. Now they can briefly describe their web page. it also helps to boost CTR.

Tips to Write Perfect description:-

After a major Google Rankbrain Update, maintaining a place in SERP has become so hard. Now Google uses CTR, Dwell Time, AI and 200 other factors to decide the place in SERP but do you know? a perfectly written meta description can boost your CTR.
Let's know how to write a meta description in 2018.

Add Call-to-Action:- When people do a search, they want the quickest action of their problem. By using actionable keywords, you can attract users. It is something like showing the route to searchers to find a perfect solution to their problem.
Try to add actionable keywords like "Learn, How to, Guide, Best, Easy, Fast" in starting of your meta description.

add call to action in meta description

Show "Why" Choosing You:- Most of the searchers want to know why they click on your link (thousands of results are out there). Write emotionally, why they should click on your link.
For example:- If you are writing an article about "lose fat" then terms like "Proven Way by Specialist, Evidence-Based" will help you to attract visitors and increase the CTR.

add why people should click on search result

Add Sets of Keywords:- I will highly recommend you to add sets of keywords, It can be LSI, Longtail terms or main keywords. Do you know why? because when people do a search, the sets of important keywords get darker, It makes believe to searchers that they are clicking on right result.

add keywords in meta description

Meta Description Length:- An incomplete meta description can become the devil for your web page. It is a bad practice for your CTR health. As you know a brought meta description cuts out by adding an ellipsis. So make sure to write 300-325 characters long description.

meta description length in 2018

Use Google Ads Keywords:- Do you know people spend lots of efforts and money to make a perfect Google ads which help to get clicks. you can take benefit of Adwords Ads. first, find Adwords ads to related to your topic. then add keywords and phrases in your meta description which added in Adwords ads.
For example:- if you are running an SEO course then terms like "Successful SEO Strategies, Digital Marketing" will help you to boost your CTR.

add adwords ads in meta description

Unique Meta Description:- It is little hard to always write a unique meta tag but it is important to write a unique meta tag. a duplicate meta tag can make a penalty for you so consider writing a unique meta description for every web page.

Rich Snippet:- A rich snippet shows extra information of your web page. It is visible between URL and Description. It looks unique and different from other search results. You can use schema markup to add a rich snippet in your description tag. It is an important element of description in 2018.

use rich snippet in meta description for 2018

Conclusion:- Now you may understand the value of meta description. Whether Google does not use meta description but it still an important element for your online growth. Now google use AI to understand the reaction of the user and it effects a lot in SERP.
However, My tips will help you to write a perfect meta description in 2018.

If I missed something to mention or you also know some better techniques to boost CTR, do let me know in comments, I will happy to add them to my content.

I have one question for you. Which tip you are going to use first, Do you want to add Google Ads Keywords? Or Adding a call to action? Do let me know in comment section.

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Title tag optimization guide
Do you know title tag is one of the major SEO factors? Most of the answers are Yes!, But do know how to write a perfect title for your blog post.
Don't worry, I will teach you how to write a perfect title, which Search Engine and User love.

Overview:- In this post, I will describe the factors and tips to make a perfect title. Like title tag characters limit, the difference between title tag and meta title and at last 9 tips to write a perfect title tag.
So let's begin

What is Title Tag

Title tag Html Code

The title tag is an HTML Element which defines the title of the Web page. It shows in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) as a clickable blue text to open the webpage as well as it also shows in the Browser tab bar and Social share.
In an illustrated way, the Title tag is an Html element which helps Search Engine as well, users to understand the content of web page.
If you are writing a title tag, You can use title tag preview tool to how your title looks on the search engine result page.

Importance of Title Tag

Title tag plays a major role in SEO as well as brand awareness. It is the first impression to your visitors. It also helps Google and Humans to understand your web page. So as you know it is an important element, you should give time to make it perfect.
Mostly title tag is visible in SERP, Web Browser Tab, and Social Sharing.

Title Tag in SERP:- As you know title tag is displayed in search engine result page. It is the clickable blue text which sends you a web page. If you are ranking in SERP, it does not mean that you will get all the traffic, a bad title can drop your search traffic.

Title tag in Browser tab bar

Title Tag in Browser Tab:- You might be heard that title is also visible in Browser's Tab, yeah I have told you earlier. It helps in brand awareness as well front loaded keywords gives an idea to peoples that they landed on a right page.

Title tag in social shares

Title Tag in Social Media:- Title makes a lot of impact on social media. It displays when you share a link to social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and many more. Neil Patel says that Title tag makes the difference whether people click on the link or not.
But keep in mind that some of the sites have there owned meta tag, so optimizing it perfectly can become beneficial for you.

Title tag in SEO:- Title tag makes a big impact on SEO. It is one of the major factors of On-Page SEO. Title tag helps Google to understand the web page content.

Difference Between Meta Title and Title tag

most of the peoples get confused between the Title tag and Meta title tag. I personally know peoples who use both title tag and meta title tag.
What is Meta Title:- Meta title tag is similar to the title tag. It also used to display the title of the web page.
some peoples say having a meta title in a web page can boost the Search Engine ranking. What do you think, is it true?
If your answer is Yes, then you are misunderstanding meta title.

A case study by Webmarketingnow proves that having a meta title instead of title tag will not improve your SEO. Jerry West founder of Webmarketingnow tested on both Yahoo and MSN Search Engine and the result he says that it is impossible to believe, meta tag gives an amazing effect on SEO.
Personally, He does not find it beneficial so he doesn't recommend to use.

Title Tag Characters limit

Lots of SEOs say, Your title should be 70-80 characters long. I think there is no rule of characters limit in the title tag. But if your title tag is too long, it may cut out by adding an ellipsis (...) in SERP. So how long your title should be.

As I know, Google only provides a 600px container in SERP to display your title tag and in case if you are adding Characters like "W" (which is wider than normal text) chances are it may cut Off.

 title tag guide
Img source Moz
For example:- The first title in the image is 77 characters long and because of characters like "ittl" which is less wide than big "W", it displays the full title in SERP and the other title which is only 42 characters long, it does not display the full title in SERP.

Title tag depandes in display size
Img source HoBo web
And it also depends on display size if you are using Mobile device chances are you can see the more long title in compare of desktop display.

Title displays in Mobile screen guide
Img source HoBo web
you can clearly see, Moblie device shows longer title than desktop display.

And at conclude, I generally recommend you to write 60 characters long title include space, which fits in 600px container and tries to avoid wider and caps lock characters.

Tips for Perfectly Optimised Title tag

tips for perfectly optimize title tag

I know, you already know few tips to write perfect title tag like- the title characters limits, avoid wide characters. but it is not all. A perfect title should be unique, contain keywords and most important it should match with customer's query. which I am going to detail here.

Use Only One Title in a Page:- I have seen lots of Web Developers that either they don't add title tag or add multiple titles to a single web page. Both practices are the danger of your SEO.
To make your HTML valid, you should add only one Title tag in the head section of HTML.

Place Keywords at The Beginning of Title:- Many of SEOs says that your first two words of title represent your web page. According to Moz, Title with front-loaded keywords provide a unique value to search engine as well users.
In a case study by NN Group found that 85% of the user only see 11 characters (2 words) of the title tag and try to predict the Web page.

Make A Unique Title For Every Page:- Making a Unique page title is very important, it helps Google to understand that your web page is unique and valuable, It also helps to increase CTR ( Click Through Rate ). you can use blog title generators like SEOPressor Title Generator to create a unique title for every page.
And also try to avoid Page Titles like "Homepage" and "New Page". Google determines these title as duplicate content.

Wrap Your Title in H1:- Title tag and H1 or heading tag both are similar in eyes of Search Engine. Both represent the theme of your Web page. Most of CMS like Wordpress and Blogger automatically add your blog title in the h1 tag. so don't overwrite it. It is bad for your SEO health. Check out your backend codes to make sure your title has wrapped in the H1 tag.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing:- As you already know keywords stuffing is bad for SEO and it remains same in the title tag, try to avoid lots of main keywords in your title. make your title more natural than a list of keywords.

Add Modifiers:- Modifiers are just a few words which help you to boost your CTR as well as it also helps you to rank in long tail keywords. like- Best, Top[number], Year, Guide, Blueprint and many more.
For Example:- "Top 5 Android Phones of 2018"

title tag optimization guide brand value

Add Brand Name:- In most of my blog post I have added my Brand name, Do you know why because peoples like to do a search with the brand name. But make sure to add it to the last of your title tag with a hyphen.
For example:- "On-Page SEO- hakseo"

Don't Use Stop Words:- According to Search Engine land Keywords like
The, an, a, such as, can, but, while, which, that, of
are stop keywords. which doesn't play an important role in Search Query. Actually, these words don't appear in Search Index because either they are insignificant keywords or common keywords which is more than system handle.

User Intent:- User Intent is one of the most important things while writing a title tag, Just think like a user for while, What people like to search to find your informative content. it often long tail keywords.

Conclusion:- Title tag plays a very important role in a web page, so crafting it wisely is so important. Use my tips and follow few rule to make a perfect title. which helps you to rank as well as boost the CTR.

And if I missed something to mention let me know in the comment section and do let me know which tip you are using first whether you want to generate a blog title by SEOpressor or add your brand name.
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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Do you want to know, How Google determine the difference between Apple fruit and Apple company? It is LSI Keywords Which help Google to understand the difference between two same keywords and much more.
Nowadays LSI Keywords is a major SEO term.
But you really don't know about Latent semantic indexing. Let me come to the point.

Overview:- In this post I am going to unwrap, What are LSI keywords, Importance of LSI keywords, How to find and use it to boost your SEO traffic.

What are LSI Keywords?

The full form of LSI keywords is Latent Semantic Indexing keywords.
It is just some keywords closely related or Similar to your main keywords. It may be synonyms or some regular keywords.

For Example:- If you are writing a blog post about Apple fruit then your LSI keywords could include Apple juice, Appy Fizz, Fruit, Apple Pie and much more.

Difference between LSI Keywords and Long Tail Keywords

Most of the people got confused between LSI keywords and Long Tail keywords but you should not because both keywords are different from each other.
Long Tail keywords are the long form of your main keywords something like, if your post topic is "Android Phones" then your long tail terms are "Best Android Phones of 2018" or "Best Android Phones in Under 7k".
And the other hands LSI keywords are related keywords or similar keywords of your main keywords. it often synonyms. just imagine if your main keyword is Apple Phone then your LSI keywords are "New iPhone 10", "IOS", "Itunes" etc.

For Nutshell, LSI keywords are term and phrases that contain words related or similar to your main word.

Importance of LSI Keywords

As the definition of LSI keywords explains, It is few related keywords but how is it important for SEO.
After a major update in Google Algorithm, Now Google has the ability to understand the relationship between two keywords, something like the connection between Apple Inc to Bill Gates.
It helps you to write a quality content which user and search engine loves.
The major benefits of these keywords are it helps you to write a quality content without any keywords stuffing, However, there are some other things which also helps you to write quality content.
For example:- If you are writing an article about "Car Repairing" then repeating a single word (Car Repairing) can make your article keyword stuffed so rather repeating your main keyword you can use keywords like "Auto Repair", "Car Troubleshooting" and much more, Which look more organic.

importance of LSI keywords

It also helps Google to make the relation between your content and user intent quires. When I do a search whether it is for Apple fruit or Apple Inc. Google will scan the content for semantic keywords to provide an exact result which user seeking.
For example:- If the user was searching for Apple fruit then google scan the content to find some related keywords like- Fruit, Pie, whereas if the user was searching for Apple co. then google find keywords like "Computer, iPhones " in the content to deliver an exact result which user seeking.

brian dean though on lSi keywords
img source Craft of Marketing
Brian Dean's Thought on LSI Keywords
Brian says that
By using Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords, You will make it easier for Google to match up your content to right query. which mean you are reducing poor quality traffic and increasing high-quality traffic. It also helps you to decrease bounce rate and Dwell Time.

How to Find LSI Keywords

As you know it really affects your search traffic and also provides you a quality traffic then why you would not using it.
Ohh, ok You Don't know how to find LSI keywords.
Here is deal,

1. Google LSI Suggestion:- This is first and best practice to find LSI keywords in SEO. When you do a query on Google, It automatically shows you suggestion and related keywords of the keyword you entered. If you can pick some good ones then it performs best on your LSI System. Google performs as LSI keywords generator for free.

For Example:- If your head term is "Keyword" then just type the word in Google and hold for few seconds and it will bring up some keywords suggestion like "Keyword Planner", "Keyword Generator", "Keyword density" Just pick some good ones according to your consumer intent.

Google LSI

One another way to find valuable LSI keywords for your SEO is by doing a search and scroll down to the bottom of the SERP. There Google will show a list of related keywords which can help you to build the list of Latent Semantic Indexing keywords.
For Example:- Type "keywords" again in search bar and do a search this time in the bottom of SERP you will find the that keywords like, "keywords research, Keywords Generator and much more"

Google LSI search related

2. LSI Graph:- LSi Graph is a free LSI keyword tool. It is very easy to use tool. There is a search bar on the home page and you just have to put your main keywords there. And it will discover dozens of LSI keywords for free.

lsi graph image

For Example:- If your head term is "Keywords" just put it in the search bar and it will show you a list of keywords such as "Google Keyword Search, SEO Keyword Research, Free Keyword Generator".

Find LSI keywords by lsi graph

3. SEO Pressor:- If you have a WordPress blog then you must aware of the name of SEO Pressor. This is one of the most popular plugins to find LSI Keywords. This plugin helps you in social-SEO, On-Page SEO, Keyword Analysis and much more. The Best thing about this plugin is that It will show you keyword density.

seo Pressor lsi generator

Choosing Right LSI Keywords

You have known about, how to find LSI keywords but choosing right keywords is another game. If you have implemented dozens of LSI keywords in a small piece of content then it is another a keyword stuffed piece. You should add 3 to 4 keywords in every 100 words, the density should be 3%.
To pick right keywords, you just have to wear the hat of the user and think about your consumer intent. Think what would people be searching to find your content, just focus on that.
For example:- Let say you are writing about LG Mobile Phones Review, so according to your user intent you should choose "LG Phones", "LG G6 features" instead of choosing "LG Product" and "New LG Electronics".
The first two keywords "LG Phones and LG G6 Features" better illustrate your LG Phones Review and the other hand by using last two Keywords you can confuse Google that your blog post is about LG Phones review or LG other products review like TV.
I think you are completely aware what types of keywords you should choose.

How lsi keyword change the post topic
img source LSI Graph
Just look at the image, how few keywords change the entire topic of your blog post.

Where You Should Use LSI Keywords

In Title Tag:- In the most cases, you actually want to use main keywords in title tag. But if you want to use LSI Keywords in the title tag, it also performs great in SEO. But make sure to add highly relevant LSI Keywords.

Description Tag:- Description tag is a good place to add your LSI Keyword. It helps Google to better understand your content.

Anchor Texts:- Anchor text is a perfect place to add LSI Keywords. Instead of using your main keywords for interlinking, you can use LSI Keywords to link your own content.
For Example:- "Apple watch price" looks much more organic than "Buy Apple Watch".

Beginning and Ending of Article:- Repeating a single keyword over and over makes your article keyword stuffed, So sprinkling your LSI Keywords at the beginning and end of your article is a good idea to write quality content.

One another trick for using LSI Keywords is replacing any of the regular keywords to maintain your keyword density. you can use 2% of main keywords and 2-4% of LSI Keywords in every 100 words of content. It makes your content keyword powerful.

Conclusion:- LSI keywords is a part of your On-Page SEO strategy. LSI keywords will improve your web ranking and also help you to gain quality traffic.
So you should start using it.
Post Credit LSI Graph
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Friday, 29 December 2017

defination of long tail keywords

Is it really tough to rank on Google or any other Search Engine?
You might be thinking that yeah it is.
Do you know, what?
it is really tough. Because you guys are targeting very competitive Short Tail Keyword.

But you can generate 1000+ unique visitors per month by targeting long tail keywords.
Sounds interesting right.

benefits of long tail keywords according to neil patel
Img Source Neil Patel

According to Neil Patel, he has generated 46134 unique visitors on his blog per month by using long tail SEO.

So Today,
I am going to guide, how you can rank in Google or other Search Engine by using Long Tail Keywords.

In this post, I am going to cover Definition, Benefits, How to Generate and implement Long Tail Keywords.
This means this post is all about Long Tail SEO.
So, without wasting any more time lets jump into it.

Definition of Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are those three or four words and phrases which are systematically connected with your head keywords.
For example:-
Imagine that you have an online T-shirt store and you are selling Polo t-shirt so when you do long tail keyword research for the website, you will find this "Red color Polo t-shirt", "Polo t-shirt for woman", " Polo t-shirt combo offer" and so on.

The words and phrases which are systematically connected with your head keyword ( Polo T-shirt ), are called as long tail keyword.

Benefits of Using Long Tail Keywords

This technique is very beneficial for new blog and website. it really hard to compete with ranking Websites because they have high Page and domain authority.
So, if you use long tail keywords, it becomes little easy to rank in Search Engines because ranking websites are not targeted long phrases due to it has no or very low search volume.
Let's dig dipper,
Here is the keyword graph if you look into, you will understand the unique value of it.

benefits of using long tail keywords
Img source

I have queued some benefits which you should know before using it.

1. Less Competition:- These key phrases have very less competition as the title suggest and also described in the image because not a lot of people know about these keywords. And as people only use Google Keyword Planner for keyword research, these data will not discover onto the screen.

2. High CTR:- Long tail terms have high CTR ( Click Thru Rate ) value. Do you know why? because you are ranking in Google SERP and a research says most people clicked on the top 3 results in a SERP.

3. High Conversion:- High conversion simply means that your visitors will convert into buyers. Because your visitors are exactly looking for the products or service which you are selling.
For example:-
Your business is about furniture repairing and polishing, so when your searchers visit your website its means, they want to polish or repair their furniture that's why they have visited your site by searching the term " furniture repairing and polishing nearby me".

I think this might be enough to understand the value of Long Tail Term.

Long Tail Keywords vs Short Tail Keywords

short tail vs long tail keywords infographics

Long Tail Term:-
1. It has less competition because of no one add these terms to their website or blog. These words are very unique.
2. But it has low search volume.
3. It has high chances to rank in search engine.
4. It has a high conversion rate.

Short Tail Term:-
1.It has high competition because a lot of people are adding these term to their website or blog.
2. But it has high search volume.
3. it has very low chances to rank in search engine.
4. it has a low conversion rate.

If your website or blog is completely new then it will great for you.
Yeah, that's right.

Long Tail Keyword Generators

There are lots of long tail keywords researchers out there. Some are free and others are paid as well.
But Here, I am covering my favorite and free tools.

Uber suggest free long tail Keyword generator This is an awesome tool which works exactly same as Google Suggest works. One thing I most like is, its automatically filter all keyword and phrases by alphabets.

Google auto complete suggestions

Like Big G will do when you enter any single alphabet at the end of your head keyword. For example, let's Write "SEO B" and see the result.

answer the public long tail Keyword generator

AnswerThePublic:- AnswerThePublic is a pretty amazing tool to enhance your long tail keyword research experience. An old man will suggest you Questions and some amazing long phrases related to your main keywords.
Funny right!
You have to just enter you Seed (main) keyword in the search bar and tap on the button "Get Question".
That's it.

example of Long Tail keyword

For example:- Let's enter a seed word "long tail keywords" in the search bar.
And Here it is. It will cover all the relevant phrases.

keyword long tail Keyword generator

Keyword This tool is almost similar to the Ubersuggest. but I think it generates more unique keywords then Ubersuggest.
It shows search volume, CPC, and Adword competition but for this, you need to sign up for the paid account.
In other hands, you can download all the research in CVS format.
if you board by old Google Keyword Planner then this will revels something new to the table. long tail Keyword generator is a unique tool for all types of professions. It generates the autocomplete suggestion from all the relevant search engine like Google, Wikipedia, Youtube, Amazon, Bing, Yandex, Fotolia, Playstore, Pond5 and much more.
I think now, You may be got my points behind saying all professions.
Whether you are a stock photographer or a youtuber.
and an easy to use interface makes it simple. You can also export all the keywords suggestions in a CVS file.

You have got all your keywords.
Now, Move to the last stage of our Long Tail SEO.

How To Use Long Tail keywords

Lots of people got stuck in this step because they think it is very complicated. But the opposite it is a very easy to step.
You have to do same as you do with other targeted keywords. Still, don't know I have covered this in my other post.
you can also check that out

 long tail keywords placements
Img source Keyword Research an advanced guide for beginners- HAkseo
But here This Infographic will give you a little idea.

Conclusion:- I know long tail keywords have no such impressive search volume or I can say these keywords are not so popular.
But if your Website or Blog is completely new then you can rank on Google SERP by using the long Tail technique.

Personally, I am also targeting long tail keywords because my blog is also new.

And finally, If I missed something to mention or you also know some best tools to find long tail phrases then let me know in comment section.

Share this technique with your friends and family who just started a blog and finally thanks for visiting HAKseo