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Stuti Rastogi

Writer and Modiator

Hey guys, I am Stuti, Author of Hakseo and Founder of Stayonline Blog. I am a Digital Marketing expert and a fitness junky.
( Hakseo name was founded by Stuti. )

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Bitu Rauth

Co-founder and Writer

Hello Hakseo lover, I am Bitu Rauth Co-founder of Hakseo (WebMak.co Powered). This blog is about SEO tips and latest news of Google algorithm updates.

Story Behind HAKseo

When I was a brand new blogger, I was created a blog named MobTricks. As you also know writing blog post is time-consuming work, it almost takes 4-5 hours to make a quality content. but when I published my content there is no traffic but some cricket's sound. Then I did some research to know why I am not getting traffic Then I come to know about Search Engine Optimization. after taking some knowledge about blogging and SEO I created this blog to share all the useful information about SEO.
This is how Hakseo was born.

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