Do you want grow your website’s Search Engine Ranking?
Do you want to build High Quality Backlinks?
Do you want to boost your Website’s Authority?

If your answer is “Yes” then you are in right place. 
I will help you to grow your online business from Zero to something people admire. 

Most of so-called SEO said, Do XYZ and your ranking will boost in few days which is just another flup. 
Now, Here Hakseo comes into role. 
In Hakseo, I will break down all the bambo-zambo SEO strategies to easy and actionable traffic techniques, So you can easily implement it on-your online business and generate leads from crowd. 

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I am the man behind HAKSEO.COM,  I am a simple blogger , who wants to help other bloggers and small business owner to grow their online business. 


When I was a very brand new blogger. I have created a blog called “MobTricks” where I used to published cool/awesome tech tip and tricks. 
As you already know writing blog post is a time consuming work.  It takes around 7hrs me to research, write and design my blog post but when I hit on the publish button, there was no traffic but some cricket cripping. 
I was demotivated. 
I did some research to know why I was not getting traffic and search ranking. 
Here, I come to know about SEO, I spend a lot of time and efforts to understand the basic and the advanced fundamentals of generating traffic.

Then I decided to create a website where i can share my knowledge and help peoples to generate search traffic and grow their online business.  

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