Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Revealed 7 Myths of Link Building

Do you know Link Building is an important task of SEO? And Google says that links are one of the main SEO factors.
But When I asked my fellow blogger friends about link building, They say It is dead.
What do you think, Link building is dead.
Offcourse Not!
This is a myth and there are too many myths of link building like this.
Overview:- In this post, I am going to explain some crazy myths about link building, After reading this post you will be more clear about link building.

Don't Link Low Domain Authority Site:

You may be heard from most of the blogger that don't link low DA sites, it is bad for your link profile. Actually, they may be right from their point of view.
Let first understand DA. It is an advanced metric developed by MOZ to predict, How well a website will rank on SERP. It doesn't explain whether the site is Good or Bad. for example A new website which has a low DA but the website has published few high-quality content, linking to the site is a bad practice, No No. It will not affect your link profile.

Keywords Rich Anchor Text:

Achor text effect SEO but it does not affect the link quality. People say Keywords contain anchor text increase the quality of the link, I have seen people add brand name or keywords while adding links in comments. It doesn't true.
If your most of links are keywords rich or contain brand name then it probably an open invitation to Google to look closely your website.

Multiple Links from the Same Site is Useless:

It is good to have a list of website linking to you but It will be not right to say that multiple links from one site are bad for your SEO health.
If you are not doing any black hat or gray hat link building techniques like Reciprocal links then these links are good for you, don't scared.

Don't Link Too Many Sites:

I know people who don't link to other sites or add No-Follow attributes while linking to other sites, Do you know why? because of the fear of losing Link Juice or Page Rank.
What? It sucks.
It probably right that your page rank will distribute to the linked site but it does not decrease your PR. Linking to other sites will help Google to understand your web content and Big G also thinks that your website want to provide valuable information to their visitors and this will improve the authority of your site.

Links with no follow tag

Don't Get Links From Web Directories And Forum:

If you also think that Web Directories and Forum are bad places to get links then you are missing lots of opportunities to get links. Web Directory submission is one of the good link building techniques. But there is some condition to choosing right web directories.
For example The directory, you chose, should not be SEO focused, Paid or not relevant to your site. So think before submitting your site on any Web directory or forum.

Never Ask For Links:

If you are thinking that you will penalize if you ask for a link so let me clear there is no penalty for asking a link.
For example- If a person written about you but not link to you, so asking him for a link is bad practice.
No, it is not.
It is one the major techniques to get links, If your content gives value to other's content, Don't feel bad about asking for a link. But don't force anyone to link you.

No-Follow Links Are Useless:

At the very beginning of my Blogging and SEO carrier, I also thought that No-Follow links are worthless, or no use of it. but it was my big misconception.
After auditing and backlinks analysis of sites, I come to know that No-Follow links are not worthless. I noticed that majority of backlinks are no-follow but they are ranking in SERP. Whether it will not distribute the page rank but it supports your website.
You should prioritize these links as the second option of your link building strategies.

Conclusion: People has scared to linking other sites because of these crazy myths. I think this post will help you to better understand link building.
And finally, If I missed something to mention let me know in the comment section, Share this post with your blogger friends so they can also aware of these misconceptions.
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