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Title Tag Optimization ( A Complete Guide ) -Hakseo

Title tag optimization guide
Do you know title tag is one of the major SEO factors? Most of the answers are Yes!, But do know how to write a perfect title for your blog post.
Don't worry, I will teach you how to write a perfect title, which Search Engine and User love.

Overview:- In this post, I will describe the factors and tips to make a perfect title. Like title tag characters limit, the difference between title tag and meta title and at last 9 tips to write a perfect title tag.
So let's begin

What is Title Tag

Title tag Html Code

The title tag is an HTML Element which defines the title of the Web page. It shows in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) as a clickable blue text to open the webpage as well as it also shows in the Browser tab bar and Social share.
In an illustrated way, the Title tag is an Html element which helps Search Engine as well, users to understand the content of web page.
If you are writing a title tag, You can use title tag preview tool to how your title looks on the search engine result page.

Importance of Title Tag

Title tag plays a major role in SEO as well as brand awareness. It is the first impression to your visitors. It also helps Google and Humans to understand your web page. So as you know it is an important element, you should give time to make it perfect.
Mostly title tag is visible in SERP, Web Browser Tab, and Social Sharing.

Title Tag in SERP:- As you know title tag is displayed in search engine result page. It is the clickable blue text which sends you a web page. If you are ranking in SERP, it does not mean that you will get all the traffic, a bad title can drop your search traffic.

Title tag in Browser tab bar

Title Tag in Browser Tab:- You might be heard that title is also visible in Browser's Tab, yeah I have told you earlier. It helps in brand awareness as well front loaded keywords gives an idea to peoples that they landed on a right page.

Title tag in social shares

Title Tag in Social Media:- Title makes a lot of impact on social media. It displays when you share a link to social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and many more. Neil Patel says that Title tag makes the difference whether people click on the link or not.
But keep in mind that some of the sites have there owned meta tag, so optimizing it perfectly can become beneficial for you.

Title tag in SEO:- Title tag makes a big impact on SEO. It is one of the major factors of On-Page SEO. Title tag helps Google to understand the web page content.

Difference Between Meta Title and Title tag

most of the peoples get confused between the Title tag and Meta title tag. I personally know peoples who use both title tag and meta title tag.
What is Meta Title:- Meta title tag is similar to the title tag. It also used to display the title of the web page.
some peoples say having a meta title in a web page can boost the Search Engine ranking. What do you think, is it true?
If your answer is Yes, then you are misunderstanding meta title.

A case study by Webmarketingnow proves that having a meta title instead of title tag will not improve your SEO. Jerry West founder of Webmarketingnow tested on both Yahoo and MSN Search Engine and the result he says that it is impossible to believe, meta tag gives an amazing effect on SEO.
Personally, He does not find it beneficial so he doesn't recommend to use.

Title Tag Characters limit

Lots of SEOs say, Your title should be 70-80 characters long. I think there is no rule of characters limit in the title tag. But if your title tag is too long, it may cut out by adding an ellipsis (...) in SERP. So how long your title should be.

As I know, Google only provides a 600px container in SERP to display your title tag and in case if you are adding Characters like "W" (which is wider than normal text) chances are it may cut Off.

 title tag guide
Img source Moz
For example:- The first title in the image is 77 characters long and because of characters like "ittl" which is less wide than big "W", it displays the full title in SERP and the other title which is only 42 characters long, it does not display the full title in SERP.

Title tag depandes in display size
Img source HoBo web
And it also depends on display size if you are using Mobile device chances are you can see the more long title in compare of desktop display.

Title displays in Mobile screen guide
Img source HoBo web
you can clearly see, Moblie device shows longer title than desktop display.

And at conclude, I generally recommend you to write 60 characters long title include space, which fits in 600px container and tries to avoid wider and caps lock characters.

Tips for Perfectly Optimised Title tag

tips for perfectly optimize title tag

I know, you already know few tips to write perfect title tag like- the title characters limits, avoid wide characters. but it is not all. A perfect title should be unique, contain keywords and most important it should match with customer's query. which I am going to detail here.

Use Only One Title in a Page:- I have seen lots of Web Developers that either they don't add title tag or add multiple titles to a single web page. Both practices are the danger of your SEO.
To make your HTML valid, you should add only one Title tag in the head section of HTML.

Place Keywords at The Beginning of Title:- Many of SEOs says that your first two words of title represent your web page. According to Moz, Title with front-loaded keywords provide a unique value to search engine as well users.
In a case study by NN Group found that 85% of the user only see 11 characters (2 words) of the title tag and try to predict the Web page.

Make A Unique Title For Every Page:- Making a Unique page title is very important, it helps Google to understand that your web page is unique and valuable, It also helps to increase CTR ( Click Through Rate ). you can use blog title generators like SEOPressor Title Generator to create a unique title for every page.
And also try to avoid Page Titles like "Homepage" and "New Page". Google determines these title as duplicate content.

Wrap Your Title in H1:- Title tag and H1 or heading tag both are similar in eyes of Search Engine. Both represent the theme of your Web page. Most of CMS like Wordpress and Blogger automatically add your blog title in the h1 tag. so don't overwrite it. It is bad for your SEO health. Check out your backend codes to make sure your title has wrapped in the H1 tag.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing:- As you already know keywords stuffing is bad for SEO and it remains same in the title tag, try to avoid lots of main keywords in your title. make your title more natural than a list of keywords.

Add Modifiers:- Modifiers are just a few words which help you to boost your CTR as well as it also helps you to rank in long tail keywords. like- Best, Top[number], Year, Guide, Blueprint and many more.
For Example:- "Top 5 Android Phones of 2018"

title tag optimization guide brand value

Add Brand Name:- In most of my blog post I have added my Brand name, Do you know why because peoples like to do a search with the brand name. But make sure to add it to the last of your title tag with a hyphen.
For example:- "On-Page SEO- hakseo"

Don't Use Stop Words:- According to Search Engine land Keywords like
The, an, a, such as, can, but, while, which, that, of
are stop keywords. which doesn't play an important role in Search Query. Actually, these words don't appear in Search Index because either they are insignificant keywords or common keywords which is more than system handle.

User Intent:- User Intent is one of the most important things while writing a title tag, Just think like a user for while, What people like to search to find your informative content. it often long tail keywords.

Conclusion:- Title tag plays a very important role in a web page, so crafting it wisely is so important. Use my tips and follow few rule to make a perfect title. which helps you to rank as well as boost the CTR.

And if I missed something to mention let me know in the comment section and do let me know which tip you are using first whether you want to generate a blog title by SEOpressor or add your brand name.
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  1. Title plays a very important role, we should write a attractive title with the quality post.
    When we share our blog post on the social media that time title is the major element to attract the users.
    Good post Bitu.

    1. thanks Ravi,
      Do you know , the most important thing is user intent while writing title tag.