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How To Find LSI Keywords Which Effect Your Website SEO [ Advanced Guide ]

Do you want to know, How Google determine the difference between Apple fruit and Apple company? It is LSI Keywords Which help Google to understand the difference between two same keywords and much more.
Nowadays LSI Keywords is a major SEO term.
But you really don't know about Latent semantic indexing. Let me come to the point.

Overview:- In this post I am going to unwrap, What are LSI keywords, Importance of LSI keywords, How to find and use it to boost your SEO traffic.

What are LSI Keywords?

The full form of LSI keywords is Latent Semantic Indexing keywords.
It is just some keywords closely related or Similar to your main keywords. It may be synonyms or some regular keywords.

For Example:- If you are writing a blog post about Apple fruit then your LSI keywords could include Apple juice, Appy Fizz, Fruit, Apple Pie and much more.

Difference between LSI Keywords and Long Tail Keywords

Most of the people got confused between LSI keywords and Long Tail keywords but you should not because both keywords are different from each other.
Long Tail keywords are the long form of your main keywords something like, if your post topic is "Android Phones" then your long tail terms are "Best Android Phones of 2018" or "Best Android Phones in Under 7k".
And the other hands LSI keywords are related keywords or similar keywords of your main keywords. it often synonyms. just imagine if your main keyword is Apple Phone then your LSI keywords are "New iPhone 10", "IOS", "Itunes" etc.

For Nutshell, LSI keywords are term and phrases that contain words related or similar to your main word.

Importance of LSI Keywords

As the definition of LSI keywords explains, It is few related keywords but how is it important for SEO.
After a major update in Google Algorithm, Now Google has the ability to understand the relationship between two keywords, something like the connection between Apple Inc to Bill Gates.
It helps you to write a quality content which user and search engine loves.
The major benefits of these keywords are it helps you to write a quality content without any keywords stuffing, However, there are some other things which also helps you to write quality content.
For example:- If you are writing an article about "Car Repairing" then repeating a single word (Car Repairing) can make your article keyword stuffed so rather repeating your main keyword you can use keywords like "Auto Repair", "Car Troubleshooting" and much more, Which look more organic.

importance of LSI keywords

It also helps Google to make the relation between your content and user intent quires. When I do a search whether it is for Apple fruit or Apple Inc. Google will scan the content for semantic keywords to provide an exact result which user seeking.
For example:- If the user was searching for Apple fruit then google scan the content to find some related keywords like- Fruit, Pie, whereas if the user was searching for Apple co. then google find keywords like "Computer, iPhones " in the content to deliver an exact result which user seeking.

brian dean though on lSi keywords
img source Craft of Marketing
Brian Dean's Thought on LSI Keywords
Brian says that
By using Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords, You will make it easier for Google to match up your content to right query. which mean you are reducing poor quality traffic and increasing high-quality traffic. It also helps you to decrease bounce rate and Dwell Time.

How to Find LSI Keywords

As you know it really affects your search traffic and also provides you a quality traffic then why you would not using it.
Ohh, ok You Don't know how to find LSI keywords.
Here is deal,

1. Google LSI Suggestion:- This is first and best practice to find LSI keywords in SEO. When you do a query on Google, It automatically shows you suggestion and related keywords of the keyword you entered. If you can pick some good ones then it performs best on your LSI System. Google performs as LSI keywords generator for free.

For Example:- If your head term is "Keyword" then just type the word in Google and hold for few seconds and it will bring up some keywords suggestion like "Keyword Planner", "Keyword Generator", "Keyword density" Just pick some good ones according to your consumer intent.

Google LSI

One another way to find valuable LSI keywords for your SEO is by doing a search and scroll down to the bottom of the SERP. There Google will show a list of related keywords which can help you to build the list of Latent Semantic Indexing keywords.
For Example:- Type "keywords" again in search bar and do a search this time in the bottom of SERP you will find the that keywords like, "keywords research, Keywords Generator and much more"

Google LSI search related

2. LSI Graph:- LSi Graph is a free LSI keyword tool. It is very easy to use tool. There is a search bar on the home page and you just have to put your main keywords there. And it will discover dozens of LSI keywords for free.

lsi graph image

For Example:- If your head term is "Keywords" just put it in the search bar and it will show you a list of keywords such as "Google Keyword Search, SEO Keyword Research, Free Keyword Generator".

Find LSI keywords by lsi graph

3. SEO Pressor:- If you have a WordPress blog then you must aware of the name of SEO Pressor. This is one of the most popular plugins to find LSI Keywords. This plugin helps you in social-SEO, On-Page SEO, Keyword Analysis and much more. The Best thing about this plugin is that It will show you keyword density.

seo Pressor lsi generator

Choosing Right LSI Keywords

You have known about, how to find LSI keywords but choosing right keywords is another game. If you have implemented dozens of LSI keywords in a small piece of content then it is another a keyword stuffed piece. You should add 3 to 4 keywords in every 100 words, the density should be 3%.
To pick right keywords, you just have to wear the hat of the user and think about your consumer intent. Think what would people be searching to find your content, just focus on that.
For example:- Let say you are writing about LG Mobile Phones Review, so according to your user intent you should choose "LG Phones", "LG G6 features" instead of choosing "LG Product" and "New LG Electronics".
The first two keywords "LG Phones and LG G6 Features" better illustrate your LG Phones Review and the other hand by using last two Keywords you can confuse Google that your blog post is about LG Phones review or LG other products review like TV.
I think you are completely aware what types of keywords you should choose.

How lsi keyword change the post topic
img source LSI Graph
Just look at the image, how few keywords change the entire topic of your blog post.

Where You Should Use LSI Keywords

In Title Tag:- In the most cases, you actually want to use main keywords in title tag. But if you want to use LSI Keywords in the title tag, it also performs great in SEO. But make sure to add highly relevant LSI Keywords.

Description Tag:- Description tag is a good place to add your LSI Keyword. It helps Google to better understand your content.

Anchor Texts:- Anchor text is a perfect place to add LSI Keywords. Instead of using your main keywords for interlinking, you can use LSI Keywords to link your own content.
For Example:- "Apple watch price" looks much more organic than "Buy Apple Watch".

Beginning and Ending of Article:- Repeating a single keyword over and over makes your article keyword stuffed, So sprinkling your LSI Keywords at the beginning and end of your article is a good idea to write quality content.

One another trick for using LSI Keywords is replacing any of the regular keywords to maintain your keyword density. you can use 2% of main keywords and 2-4% of LSI Keywords in every 100 words of content. It makes your content keyword powerful.

Conclusion:- LSI keywords is a part of your On-Page SEO strategy. LSI keywords will improve your web ranking and also help you to gain quality traffic.
So you should start using it.
Post Credit LSI Graph
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