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how to write Meta Description in 2018
Meta Description is one of the major terms of SEO. But lots of SEOs also says that meta description is dead. it is an old-school SEO.
However, I think, If it displays in SERP it should have some value. It is not helping Google to understand the content but it helps users to predict the content. It is an important factor for CTR.

Overview:- In this post, I am going to cover a major Google Snippet Update and how to write a perfectly optimized Meta description.
So any further delay lets’ jump into it.

What is Meta Description

A meta description is an HTML Element which gives a summary or description of a web page. It is visible in SERP after the blue link.
it is very important to add meta snippet, however, sometimes Google auto-generate summary for your web page.
For example:- Wikipedia
Wikipedia never adds meta description tag on the web page but it ranks very well in SERP. this is also a reason why SEOs say meta description is dead.

Google Snippet Update

Google Snippet Update moz

In the last few year, Google only shows tiny Search Snippet, which was around 155-200 Characters but the end of Nov 2017 Google rolls out a new update which confirmed as Google Snippet Update. Now, length of description was increased to 230 characters reported by Rankranger but at the middle of Dec 2017, Google was showing 300-350 characters in search description. It was a massive improvement in Google search description in last few years.

data of snippet in 2018
Img Source Moz

According to research by Moz, A 320-350 characters snippet works very well. they find a sweet spot between 309-317 characters. and the sites which have meta description between 100-200 words, have dropped the rank in SERP.
Apart from website description, Now Google shows first two lines of Youtube video description. Video description is cut off in under 100-120 words by adding an ellipsis (…). it is also an important thing to notice for Youtubers.

lets back to the point, actually, this update is beneficial for web maker and blogger. Now they can briefly describe their web page. it also helps to boost CTR.

Tips to Write Perfect description:-

After a major Google Rankbrain Update, maintaining a place in SERP has become so hard. Now Google uses CTR, Dwell Time, AI and 200 other factors to decide the place in SERP but do you know? a perfectly written meta description can boost your CTR.
Let’s know how to write a meta description in 2018.

Add Call-to-Action:- When people do a search, they want the quickest action of their problem. By using actionable keywords, you can attract users. It is something like showing the route to searchers to find a perfect solution to their problem.
Try to add actionable keywords like “Learn, How to, Guide, Best, Easy, Fast” in starting of your meta description.

add call to action in meta description

Show “Why” Choosing You:- Most of the searchers want to know why they click on your link (thousands of results are out there). Write emotionally, why they should click on your link.
For example:- If you are writing an article about “lose fat” then terms like “Proven Way by Specialist, Evidence-Based” will help you to attract visitors and increase the CTR.

add why people should click on search result

Add Sets of Keywords:- I will highly recommend you to add sets of keywords, It can be LSI, Longtail terms or main keywords. Do you know why? because when people do a search, the sets of important keywords get darker, It makes believe to searchers that they are clicking on right result.

add keywords in meta description

Meta Description Length:- An incomplete meta description can become the devil for your web page. It is a bad practice for your CTR health. As you know a brought meta description cuts out by adding an ellipsis. So make sure to write 300-325 characters long description.

meta description length in 2018

Use Google Ads Keywords:- Do you know people spend lots of efforts and money to make a perfect Google ads which help to get clicks. you can take benefit of Adwords Ads. first, find Adwords ads to related to your topic. then add keywords and phrases in your meta description which added in Adwords ads.
For example:- if you are running an SEO course then terms like “Successful SEO Strategies, Digital Marketing” will help you to boost your CTR.

add adwords ads in meta description

Unique Meta Description:- It is little hard to always write a unique meta tag but it is important to write a unique meta tag. a duplicate meta tag can make a penalty for you so consider writing a unique meta description for every web page.

Rich Snippet:- A rich snippet shows extra information of your web page. It is visible between URL and Description. It looks unique and different from other search results. You can use schema markup to add a rich snippet in your description tag. It is an important element of description in 2018.

use rich snippet in meta description for 2018

Conclusion:- Now you may understand the value of meta description. Whether Google does not use meta description but it still an important element for your online growth. Now google use AI to understand the reaction of the user and it effects a lot in SERP.
However, My tips will help you to write a perfect meta description in 2018.

If I missed something to mention or you also know some better techniques to boost CTR, do let me know in comments, I will happy to add them to my content.

I have one question for you. Which tip you are going to use first, Do you want to add Google Ads Keywords? Or Adding a call to action? Do let me know in comment section.

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