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Ultimate Guide to Link Building 2017 - Hakseo

link building guide

Link Building is one of the important work in off page SEO.
links building helps you to grow your website.
Wait, what? you don't know " what is link building ( backlinks) and how to generate it? "

You have landed on a right page, today in this post I am giving you an Ultimate Guide to Link Building.

Overview:- In this post, I am covering "What is Link Building?, Difference between bad link building techniques and good link building techniques, and Pro tips to generate backlinks. "

What is Backlinks?

Backlinks are nothing but some links pointed to your Website or Blog.
When a web page adds a link to another's webpage. it called a backlink.
The backlink is one of an important ranking signal.
if a lot of web pages linking towards a single web page, it means the webpage has some amazing content so a lot of people linking to it. and Google always rank amazing contents. That is why backlinks are so important.

How a Backlink Should Be

In old days link building was very easy, " you can ask your relative's site to link you and you link him back."

But after April 2012 (Google Penguin update), the whole scenario changed.
Now, Google not only focused on the quantity of links but the quality of links.

You might be wondering, "What is Quality Links?"

do follow links

#1 Do-follow Links:- If someone links to your website, it should be do-follow. Do-follow allows Google bots to crawl the links. By default all the links you insert in a web page are do-follow.
if someone adds your links with the no-follow tag then it is worthless.

if you want to know more about do-follow and no-follow link you can check my friend's post.
Well explanation of Do-follow and no-follow tags

#2 Links from Related Niche:- If a website links to your website, the website should be related to your site.
For example:- if Your website is about Dog's food then your backlinks should come from the website related to Dog. if it is coming from Fish's website, it is worthless.

#3 Anchor Text:- Anchor text is an important factor of link building. The anchor text which pointed towards your website should be matched with your website.
For example:- let's think, someone, link your website to the anchor text of Dog's Food then your webpage must about Dog's Food.
Note:- But today, Link building to lots of exact matches anchor text links is considered spam.

domain authority

#4 Domain Authority:- Domain Authority impacts wide, your backlink comes from a high domain authority. In simple words, A single link from a high domain authority site is much better than lots of backlink from no domain authority site.

the text around the anchor text

#5 Text Around the Links:- The text around your link is known as baby anchor text. Baby anchor text also gives clue to, What your web page is about?

These are the factors which impact in the quality links. You should follow these rules before adding a link or asking for a backlink.

Bad Link Building vs Good Link Building

bad link building technique vs good link building infographic

Link Building Tips

#1 Ask For Link:- This strategy work very well especially if you are a beginner. You can simply ask for a link to your friends and clients who have a website or blog but the website you are asking for a link should be related to your niche.

broken link find

#2 From Broken Links:- Finding broken links and fixing it, is a very easy technique to generate backlinks. You can find a broken link on your competitor's website. For this, you can use a chrome extension Like Broken Link Checker and lot more.
Then you have to send an email to the website owner.
Brian Dean is awesome in this Deal.

brokenlink building
img sourceBacklinko
When the person replied, sent him the broken URLs and your post's link. I consider adding a little description of my post.

broken linkbuilding email
img sourceBacklinko
that is it they are happy to link you.

generate links by guest posting

#3 Guest Posting:- Guest posting is a common way to generate lots of backlinks. But before writing a guest post follow some rules listed here.
1. The Website where you are writing a guest post should be related to your website.
2. Write a good article and add few links naturally, don't write only of backlinks.
3. the website where you are writing a guest post should have high page and domain authority.

#4 Submit Your Site On Web Directories:- You should submit your website to web directories which are related to your site. And the directory should be trustworthy. You can use few google shortcuts to find best web directories.
"Keyword" + "helpful resource"
"Keyword" + "useful links"

Now ,

Pro Tips for Link Building

guestography build backlinks

#1 Guestography:- This is the best technique to generate backlinks who designed a lot of infographics.
Like Me,
Whenever I found an outdated post which deserves an infographic, I immediately make an infographic with some updated content. Then I send an email to the owner of the outdated post.

Hey name
I was searching for best dog's food when I landed on your checklist of dog's food.
Great stuff. the second last food is very healthy for dogs.
It is little funny, I have also designed an infographic related to dog's food.
let me know if you want to check it.


If he replied send him the link like this.

Here is the link:
I will very happy if you add this infographic to your website with a little guest post.

By using this technique, you can easily generate tons of backlink.

skyscraper technique to build backlinks

#2 skyscraper Technique:-Here is, How you can generate tons of backlinks by this technique.
First, find an outdated content related to your niche.
then make a 110% better content than him. like If someone is writing about 10 ways to make yourself healthy then you write 110 ways to make yourself healthy.

Now, Find the webpages which has linked to the outdated post. You can do this by using tools like SEMrush, Moz, and many more.
Send an email to the site owner who linked to the outdated post.
Hey name
I was searching for best dog's food when I landed on your checklist of dog's food.
Great stuff. the second last food is very healthy for dogs.
But I seem that you have linked an outdated website, Here is the anchor text " 10 ways to make yourself healthy".
very bad for readers,
I have also written a post named "110 ways to make yourself healthy"
let me know if you want to check this.

If s/he replied, send him the link.
Here is the link
I will be very happy if you link to this amazing post.

By using these two techniques, you can easily generate backlink in the very competitive niche.

As you known backlink is so important for SEO, you should start building it right now.
my best tips and techniques will help you a lot.

And finally, if I missed something to mention let me know in comment section. and subscribe our newsletter for more SEO news and thanks for visiting HAKseo.

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