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4 Content Writing Strategies to Avoid Keyword Stuffing With Examples - Hakseo

keyword stuffing examples

Do you know a little about Keyword Stuffing?
Yes! may be.
But in my case, I got penalized by Google for Keyword Stuffing.
When I was new to Blogging Platform. I have created a blog about Tech News named "MobTrick". Which is no more now? RIP

I wrote some blog post and include lots of keywords related to my Topics.
But when I realized that I was spamming my blog, it was too late.
My post views had touched down the Earth.

After this incident, I do a lot of research to avoid keyword stuffing. and develop some strategies to create penalty free content.

So today, I am sharing it on this post. Read till the end I have some tips for you.
So without wasting any more time Let Get Started.

Today in this post I am covering "What is keyword stuffing?" "examples of keyword stuffing." and "Some strategies to create a penalty-free blog post".
Here we go.

What is Keyword Stuffing?

example of keyword stuffing

IMG source Google Help

Keyword Stuffing is a kind of dumb practice, where the post writer will repeat one keyword more and more time to generate a lead for the word in Search Engine.

Actually, there is a myth of Search Engine Optimization and that is "Keyword Density". People think that the more I insert a keyword in a web page, the more it performs better in any search engine but it is not true.

It is an outdated method to obtain rank in search engine.
In the 19th century, People had used this method to fool the search engine.

They try to hide text from visitors and only write for the search engine by doing various stuff. Like- Blending text color with the background color, Positioning text behind the Images, Writing a lot of text in a small text area.

People also ask what is the right percentage of keyword stuffing?
Lots of SEOs say you should add 3-4% keywords in your web page. For example, If you have a web page which contains 100 words then you should add to 4-5 keywords in your web page.
Don't add 6 keywords, Google will penalize you.
No. It is a crazy myth.
In my case, I will editorially add keywords in my webpage. when it is necessary to add the main term, I add. I also recommended you to add key phrases editorially.

Keywords Stuffing Example

Here is an example from
He had stuffed at least 50kb of text in few pixels of a text area.
as you can see in the images below.

example of keyword stuffing of the article

I think this overview of unnecessary keyword repetition is enough to understand what is it?

How to Check Keywords Stuffing

I am sure that you are thinking how to check keywords stuffing, so there are some keywords stuffing checker which you can use to check the density of keywords on your Web page. I personally like Keyword Density Checker by SEO Review Tool, to check my web pages.

The time has come to give you some pro tips to create a penalty-free content.

How to Avoid Keyword Stuffing?

Here, I am listing my four Pro Tips which will help you to make a quality content.

1 Using LSI Keywords:- LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. Lsi keywords are those words, which related to your main keyword.
In simple terms, you can say that LSI words are those words which systematically connected to your seed keyword.
For example, If your seed word is Apple (iPhone Brand) then your LSI words will be Itunes, Apple Store, IOS and lot more, which systematically connected to your main keyword.

example of LSI keyword

There is a lot of tools available in the market to find your Best LSI keywords.
Like:- Keywordfinder, Keywordgen, Lsigraph and lot more.
But I personally refer you to use LSI Graph because it is very easy to use.

By using this technique you will stay away from keyword stuffing.

2 Using of Long Tail Keywords (LTK) Long Tail Keywords are those keywords which are directly connected with your seed word.

long tail keyword

LTK are those words which are a part of your main keyword.
For example:- I am writing this post on about "keyword stuffing and how to avoid it" so when I do long tail keyword research, I found this.
"keyword stuffing example" "keyword stuffing penalty" "keyword stuffing checker" and much more.

These phrases are strongly connected to my post topic.
One another example:- Think, if you have an online T-Shirt Store and you are selling Polo T-shirt. then your LTK will be Polo t-shirt for man, red color Polo t-shirt for girls, Polo sports t-shirts, and much more.

I think you have got my points.

According to Neil Patel, he has generated 46134 unique visitors per month on his blog. For this milestone, he only gives credit to Long Tail Keywords. and now his aim is to generate 100000 monthly visits.

Neil Patel long tail grow rate
IMG Source neil patel's blog

How you will do Long Tail Keyword Research? Don't panic
I will help you.

I am giving you the names of 6 awesome long tail keyword finder. Which will help you a lot?
#1 SEMrush, 2 KWFinder, 3 Google auto complete tool, #4 Uber suggest
these are most popular and useful tool according to Shout me loud
with the help of this tools you can easily create beautiful and penalty-free content.

3 Using Synonyms:- Repeating only one term in a whole post can make your content punishable. However, your content is in a user-friendly manner. So rather using only one word over and over, you can use the Synonyms of the keyword.

For example:- in my earlier post, titled "An Advanced Guide to Keyword Research", in this post my target keyword was "keyword".
So rather repeating only one word, I used synonyms of the word which was like this.
Seed Words, Terms, Target words, Target Phrases and much more.
You can use this technique to create an illustrated and easy to read web content.
it will also save your post from keyword stuffing.

4 Write Always Useful and Long Content:- It is very important to mind that the topic you have chosen to write the content, should be very much useful for people. If the information is very important then people will like it to read in any situation.
long and detailed content writing

In most of the cases, keyword stuffing has done in short content so try to write a long and illustrated content so even a dumb can easily understand.

It is a very important tip for all the beginners to write a useful and long content where you have described all the terminologies and it should contain at least 500-2500 words.

The more you write, the more you have chances to rank in search engines.
Do you know why?

Because the long content gives clues to search engines that I have more information about this topic, so rank me high.
And as always, Google will always serve the better content to their customers.
So try to write for visitors, not for search engines.


I think this post is enough to understand keyword stuffing and how to avoid it with the best examples.
keyword stuffing will always underestimate your search ranking. So stay away from it.
The whole SEO is depended on your content if you have great content then people will share it, link it, and do all the off page SEO stuff.

I believe that this post was helpful to you. if Yes!
Then share it with your friends who are also a blog writer.
If I missed something to mention, let me know in comment section.

And finally, thanks for visiting HAKseo.

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