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How Domain Authority Effect Your Website Ranking - An Advanced Guide

what is Domain Authority

Domain Authority is not a new word in the SEO world but if You still don't know about it then you are missing something big.
So today, In this post, I am going to give you a detailed guide to domain authority.

Overview:- This post will be all about DA, "What is DA ?, How to check it and How you can improve your Website's Domain Authority (DA) ?".
So without wasting any more time, let's Derive it.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority AKA DA is not a mysterious keyword. It is pretty simple.
In short, It is a Search Engine Ranking Score developed by Moz's community.

This metric tells, How well a domain will be rank in search engines. The range of domain authority is from 1-100 where 1 means the lowest chance to rank and high domain authority means high chances to rank in search engines.

At first, it will easy to gain DA from 20-30 but it becomes difficult after 40-60.
Some of the big names like Google, Facebook have the domain authority of 100. so don't get upset if you, not get 100 of DA.

This Explanation is enough to understand the value of it, it totally uncovers your website's ranking.

How You Check Your Domain Authority

There are some free and paid tools available to know your domain authority. here, I unwrap two my best tools.

first comes first,

Moz open site explorer

Moz Open Site Explorer:- It is first and best tool to check DNA of your website. As they are the founder of DA, They serve the exact score of your website.
For this, You just need to head over of the website Moz Open Site Explorer and insert your website's URLs in the search bar, It will crawl your website and show you DA, PA, and many other metrics of your website.

In this image, this blog has 90 of domain authority because of the Blogspot in the URLs. Blogspot is a free Google's product.

small seo tools to know your domain authority

Small SEO Tools:- If you are a freelancer or working for your clients then this tool will be going to help you. Because you can check bulk of website at one time. you can check max 50 websites at one time.
Cool Right,
But I will not say that it will show you exact score of your website but much closer to it. Check out the image below to know the reason behind it.

Moz open site explorer and small seo tool to check DA

Now, You know your website's domain authority score. If it is very low 10-20 then my tips will surely help you increase it.
Here you go,

How to Improve Your Domain Authority

how to improve Domain authority

As you already know it is hard to improve DA and also I am not going to tell do this and that and your DA will improve overnight. Nope, It takes time but my tips will help you to increase the turtle speed of your DA growth.
let's derive it,

#1 Do All The SEO Stuffs:- SEO is the core of your website, so you should organize it perfectly. Moz explains in their post that if you want to improve your DA then you need to do all the kind of SEO stuff. Like- URLs Structure, Site Speed, Meta Tag, Link Building, all the On-Page and off page SEO stuffs. Make sure that all the SEO stuff is in place.

#2 Internal linking:- Make a powerful internal linking structure. Link all the web pages with each other frequently and naturally. it helps search engine bots to crawl your website. Don't overlook it, it is the key to gain high DA.

#3 Publish Great Content:- As you also know Content is the King, you should also write a quality content instead of short and uninformative content which come across 1000 words. It helps you to attract visitors. You can use visuals like Infographics, video, chart, and featured images to write attractive content.

#4 Generate High-Quality Backlinks:- High-quality backlinks means a link coming from a high Domain Authority site. I know it's not easy to generate high-quality backlinks but if you publish informative content without any spam then peoples are interested to link it. You can also use my techniques to Generate good backlinks."

#5 Remove Bad Links:- As it is very important to generate quality backlinks but you should also remove bad links from your website. like a link coming from a spam website or the site have very poor (0-5) DA. Many bloggers only think to generate backlinks but it is also important to clean your link profile.

#6 Website Age:- This is last but not least factors which affect your domain authority. Age really give a massive impact when it comes to DA. A website which is 3-4 years old and still publishes great content. It makes belief to google that your website is not a spam and your DA will start improving automatically so be patients and frequently add posts.

IMG Source Techtage

These tips will help you to improve your website's Domain Authority.

Conclusion:- As you know DA is a rating of website discovered by Moz.
It is an important metric in SEO world. You can know all about a website by knowing only one metric.
This metric is very helpful for link building by knowing this metric you can target high DA websites for backlinks.

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