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Long Tail Keyword- Definition, Generator, and How to Use. - Hakseo

defination of long tail keywords

Is it really tough to rank on Google or any other Search Engine?
You might be thinking that yeah it is.
Do you know, what?
it is really tough. Because you guys are targeting very competitive Short Tail Keyword.

But you can generate 1000+ unique visitors per month by targeting long tail keywords.
Sounds interesting right.

benefits of long tail keywords according to neil patel
Img Source Neil Patel

According to Neil Patel, he has generated 46134 unique visitors on his blog per month by using long tail SEO.

So Today,
I am going to guide, how you can rank in Google or other Search Engine by using Long Tail Keywords.

In this post, I am going to cover Definition, Benefits, How to Generate and implement Long Tail Keywords.
This means this post is all about Long Tail SEO.
So, without wasting any more time lets jump into it.

Definition of Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are those three or four words and phrases which are systematically connected with your head keywords.
For example:-
Imagine that you have an online T-shirt store and you are selling Polo t-shirt so when you do long tail keyword research for the website, you will find this "Red color Polo t-shirt", "Polo t-shirt for woman", " Polo t-shirt combo offer" and so on.

The words and phrases which are systematically connected with your head keyword ( Polo T-shirt ), are called as long tail keyword.

Benefits of Using Long Tail Keywords

This technique is very beneficial for new blog and website. it really hard to compete with ranking Websites because they have high Page and domain authority.
So, if you use long tail keywords, it becomes little easy to rank in Search Engines because ranking websites are not targeted long phrases due to it has no or very low search volume.
Let's dig dipper,
Here is the keyword graph if you look into, you will understand the unique value of it.

benefits of using long tail keywords
Img source

I have queued some benefits which you should know before using it.

1. Less Competition:- These key phrases have very less competition as the title suggest and also described in the image because not a lot of people know about these keywords. And as people only use Google Keyword Planner for keyword research, these data will not discover onto the screen.

2. High CTR:- Long tail terms have high CTR ( Click Thru Rate ) value. Do you know why? because you are ranking in Google SERP and a research says most people clicked on the top 3 results in a SERP.

3. High Conversion:- High conversion simply means that your visitors will convert into buyers. Because your visitors are exactly looking for the products or service which you are selling.
For example:-
Your business is about furniture repairing and polishing, so when your searchers visit your website its means, they want to polish or repair their furniture that's why they have visited your site by searching the term " furniture repairing and polishing nearby me".

I think this might be enough to understand the value of Long Tail Term.

Long Tail Keywords vs Short Tail Keywords

short tail vs long tail keywords infographics

Long Tail Term:-
1. It has less competition because of no one add these terms to their website or blog. These words are very unique.
2. But it has low search volume.
3. It has high chances to rank in search engine.
4. It has a high conversion rate.

Short Tail Term:-
1.It has high competition because a lot of people are adding these term to their website or blog.
2. But it has high search volume.
3. it has very low chances to rank in search engine.
4. it has a low conversion rate.

If your website or blog is completely new then it will great for you.
Yeah, that's right.

Long Tail Keyword Generators

There are lots of long tail keywords researchers out there. Some are free and others are paid as well.
But Here, I am covering my favorite and free tools.

Uber suggest free long tail Keyword generator This is an awesome tool which works exactly same as Google Suggest works. One thing I most like is, its automatically filter all keyword and phrases by alphabets.

Google auto complete suggestions

Like Big G will do when you enter any single alphabet at the end of your head keyword. For example, let's Write "SEO B" and see the result.

answer the public long tail Keyword generator

AnswerThePublic:- AnswerThePublic is a pretty amazing tool to enhance your long tail keyword research experience. An old man will suggest you Questions and some amazing long phrases related to your main keywords.
Funny right!
You have to just enter you Seed (main) keyword in the search bar and tap on the button "Get Question".
That's it.

example of Long Tail keyword

For example:- Let's enter a seed word "long tail keywords" in the search bar.
And Here it is. It will cover all the relevant phrases.

keyword long tail Keyword generator

Keyword This tool is almost similar to the Ubersuggest. but I think it generates more unique keywords then Ubersuggest.
It shows search volume, CPC, and Adword competition but for this, you need to sign up for the paid account.
In other hands, you can download all the research in CVS format.
if you board by old Google Keyword Planner then this will revels something new to the table. long tail Keyword generator is a unique tool for all types of professions. It generates the autocomplete suggestion from all the relevant search engine like Google, Wikipedia, Youtube, Amazon, Bing, Yandex, Fotolia, Playstore, Pond5 and much more.
I think now, You may be got my points behind saying all professions.
Whether you are a stock photographer or a youtuber.
and an easy to use interface makes it simple. You can also export all the keywords suggestions in a CVS file.

You have got all your keywords.
Now, Move to the last stage of our Long Tail SEO.

How To Use Long Tail keywords

Lots of people got stuck in this step because they think it is very complicated. But the opposite it is a very easy to step.
You have to do same as you do with other targeted keywords. Still, don't know I have covered this in my other post.
you can also check that out

 long tail keywords placements
Img source Keyword Research an advanced guide for beginners- HAkseo
But here This Infographic will give you a little idea.

Conclusion:- I know long tail keywords have no such impressive search volume or I can say these keywords are not so popular.
But if your Website or Blog is completely new then you can rank on Google SERP by using the long Tail technique.

Personally, I am also targeting long tail keywords because my blog is also new.

And finally, If I missed something to mention or you also know some best tools to find long tail phrases then let me know in comment section.

Share this technique with your friends and family who just started a blog and finally thanks for visiting HAKseo

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